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Centre for Access Assessment & Research

Some people see CAAR purely as a testing centre. But in reality, CAAR offers many different services other than just testing for admissions purposes. CAAR emphasizes “student access for success”, which means that it is important to accept you into a programme that is best suited to your current academic development and career interests, and where you are likely to have the best chance of being successful.

If you do not qualify for the programme you wish to study, CAAR essentially offers you the opportunityHow the AAB helped me for a ‘second chance’, and can help you in the following ways:

  • Once CAAR has tested you, all the information available is used to help determine your academic readiness to succeed in the programme you have applied for. If the information indicates academic readiness, you will be accepted into that programme even if you do not meet all the entrance requirements.
  • Sometimes you might not yet have developed the necessary skills needed to be successful in the programme for which you applied. In such cases, CAAR will determine if there is a similar programme that is better suited to your current abilities. For example, if you were unsuccessful for your first choice programme you might be placed into an extended programme. Alternatively CAAR might find that your current abilities and career interests are more appropriate to a different programme in the same or similar field, and make a recommendation to place you there.
  • After you have been tested, CAAR offers individual consultations at request with specially trained Consultants relating to issues around your test results, your admissions decision and possible further academic development.
  • If you are not accepted for a programme at the Nelson Mandela University after testing, the Consultants are able to give you advice about alternative study options and further academic development required.
  • If you are accepted into a programme at the Nelson Mandela University, then CAAR offers advice on specific areas that you should try to develop further in your first year to ensure that you have a successful university career. CAAR also provides you with information on useful resources at the Nelson Mandela University that can support you or help you to develop your skills and competencies further.