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Centre for Access Assessment & Research

The Centre for Access Assessment & Research (CAAR) was created in 1999 with the primary purpose of broadening student access to Higher Education at the Nelson Mandela University. Although CAAR is predominantly responsible for running the access assessment testing programme at Nelson Mandela University, it also offers many other services in addition to testing for admissions purposes.

CAAR emphasizes “student access for success”, which means that it is important to accept the applicant into a programme that is best suited to the applicant’s current academic development and career interests, and where the applicant is likely to have the best chance of success.

This service provides applicants who do not meet the direct admission requirements for an academic programme, but who meet testing requirements, an opportunity to be assessed for admission into the academic programme of choice.

CAAR conducts the Access Assessment Test (AAT), running test sessions on a regular basis throughout the intake period.

CAAR is one of a number of support units that have been grouped into a larger division – Higher Education Access and Development Services (HEADS) – which reflects at an organisational level, the Nelson Mandela University's commitment to optimising human potential and access for success.

Our Mission therefore is to provide research-based quality assessment and consultation services that facilitate and inform meaningful access and student development.