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Centre for Access Assessment & Research

About CAAR

The Centre for Access Assessment and Research (CAAR) is primarily responsible for running the Access Assessment Testing programme at Nelson Mandela University. This program provides applicants who do not meet the direct admission requirements for an academic program, but who meet testing requirements, an opportunity to be assessed for admission into their academic program of choice.

Access Assessment Program

The Nelson Mandela University access assessment program creates a second opportunity for applicants who are not initially accepted at the Nelson Mandela University to possibly gain access to the program of their choice, or their second choice or else another suitable academic program.

Access Assessment Tests and Testing Sites 

Access Assessment Tests (AAT) are offered during intake periods across the country for the applicant's convenience. Our main testing venues are on the Nelson Mandela University Port Elizabeth George Campuses. If an applicant is unable to write the test at Nelson Mandela University, we have alternative testing venues in your city or a city closest to you. We refer to these as our “Remote Sites” and these include East London; Umtata; Durban; Polokwane; Johannesburg; Bloemfontein and Cape Town. 

Decision Making Factors

Before making an admission decision about whether or not an applicant can be accepted into the program that they have applied for, CAAR gathers as wide a range of information as possible about them, including information about their school performance, their study interests, work experience, future goals, and any additional training.

CAAR also gathers additional information on basic competencies in the areas of English, Numeracy and Mathematics through the use of the Access Assessment Tests. ALL of this information is carefully considered by a professionally trained Consultant before a final decision is made about an applicant's acceptance into a program.

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