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Nelson Mandela University Access Routes

The Nelson Mandela University currently has four different access routes through which applicants may be admitted into a programme at the university. CAAR is primarily involved with Access Route 2.

Route 1:

Applicants meet the university's minimum admissions requirements and are admitted directly.

Route 2:

Applicants do not meet the university's minimum admission requirements, but meet the requirements to be referred for further assessment, and are accepted based on their satisfactory performance on the Access Assessment Test (AAT).

Route 3:

Applicants are admitted based on appropriate post-school qualifications or studies.

Route 4:

Applicants are admitted based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Nelson Mandela University Admissions & CAAR Assessment Process

NMMU Admissions & CAAR Assessment ProcessNelson Mandela University Admissions and CAAR Assessment Process

Applicants may only write the CAAR Access Assessment Test (AAT) upon referral from Admissions.

You may be referred to write the AAT if: Your APS falls within the testing band indicated AND you have met the minimum subject requirements for the programme. Please contact your Admissions Officer for further information on specific subject requirements for your programme.

Once referred for the AAT by the Admissions Department, applicants are responsible for booking their own test session either by contacting the CAAR offices or by booking online.

If all documents are in order, CAAR will process the test results and forward the decision to Admissions within 3 weeks of the applicant completing the test. Applicants who write at a remote site (not on a Nelson Mandela University campus) may have to wait a little longer as results are couriered to CAAR in Port Elizabeth.

Applicants should contact their Admissions Officer for an admissions decision.

Applicants can contact the CAAR office should they wish to discuss their test results.

Did You Know?

In 2010, more than half of all new students who registered at the Nelson Mandela University did not meet the minimum admission and subject requirements, but were accepted into their programme based on their performance on the AAT.