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Centre for Access Assessment & Research

The Centre for Access Assessment & Research (CAAR) is primarily responsible for running the access assessment testing programme at NMMU. This programme provides applicants who do not meet the direct admission requirements for an academic programme, but who meet testing requirements, an opportunity to be assessed for admission into their academic programme of choice.

CAAR therefore conducts the Access Assessment Test (AAT), also sometimes referred to as the Access Assessment Battery (AAB), running test sessions at certain times throughout the year.


Our Vision

CAAR aims to be recognised regionally, nationally and internationally as a leader in terms of access, assessment, and related research.

Our Mission

To provide research based quality assessment and consultation services that facilitate and inform meaningful access and student development.

Our Values

Our Centre subscribes to the following values in achieving our mission:

  • We aim to enhance student access by giving every student the best chance for academic and professional success.
  • We aim to promote equity and fairness through developing and following accountable, fair and equitable assessment practices and decision making processes.
  • CAAR aims at excellence by providing services and programmes that meet international quality standards and which are continuously being refined and improved.
  • CAAR is concerned with the overall wellness of our students and staff empowering them to maximise their potential.
  • CAAR aims at providing excellent, professional, ethical services with integrity.